Uninstall RW 8.8?

I’m on an iMac using macOS10.15.7 and had been in RW 8.7, which was glitchy. I stupidly, I guess, installed RW 8.8.2 plus probably some plug-ins and now have a HUGE mess. Can I uninstall 8.8 and get back to 8.7?

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Thank you so much for 8.7. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how, exactly, I might reinstall it and get rid of 8.8.2? Please bear in mind that I am rather clueless. If everything is working I can build my website, and have been on RW for years. But beyond that, I’m hopeless.

What is it exactly that is a “huge mess?”

You said you installed RW8.8.2 and some plug-ins, to simply replace RW 8.8.2 with another 8.x version, just download the program from the release notes and replace the one in the applications folder with the version you downloaded.

But, without knowing what the mess is you are having it may or may not fix the problem.

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Hi Doug, the mess is: I’m working with OS 10.15.7, which is Catalina. RW 8.8, requires, I believe now, Big Sur. So, everything looked great in RW but when I published, none of the stacks were right—huge photos, no margins or padding around text, everything running together.

BTW, it was only my blog page that was messed up, and that’s the only page I had been updating since I installed 8.8. All the rest looked fine. So, I took down the blog, for now.

I’m still running High Sierra (10.13.6) on my old Mac and have no problems whatsoever with RW 8.8.2. Your issues may have another reason.


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From the RealMac website about RW8

Best of all it works just great on everything from macOS 10.12 through to macOS 11 Big Sur and beyond!

This sounds like all the files were not uploaded. Try “re-publish all files”.

Thankful for all your advice. So far I’ve re-published. Then “re-published all files”. Same thing happens: columns don’t come out right, photos are huge, margins and padding not correct. The other pages on my site are fine, but for one photo on another page that only shows the top half.

All I can figure to do right now is uninstall 8.8.2 and reinstall 8.7. My mac man didn’t want to advance my OS, probably due to my dunce qualities. So, speaking of them, the icon in my applications folder says just “RW 8 app”. And the 8.7 one I downloaded says “RW 8.zip”. I’m nervous to do anything. Do I just drag the zip into my applications folder?

I doubt that the problem has to do with 8.8 vs 8.7.

The zip file just needs to be unzipped first (double click it). It will create an rw 8.app a file that you can copy to the app folder.

Perhaps if you provide a URL to the bad page we can have a look at what’s going on

Sure: Shooting the Shit | Kathleen's Blog/News

But now this is ridiculous . . . without uninstalling and reinstalling anything, I just pulled it up on my iPad and EVERYTHING is fine, even the photo on the other page!

Try clearing the cache in your iMac browser, or use a private window or try the page in a different browser. Sounds like you may be seeing a cached version of the page.

The page looks fine to me in Safari desktop.

Thanks for your response. It’s suddenly looking fine to me in Chrome, but Safari is still a mess. I’ve closed Safari, reopened it, typed in my web address again, and still bad. So dump my cookies?

Whoop! I went ahead and cleared just yesterday and today, and now everything is perfect. Thanks so much, everyone. I guess I can move forward with RW 8.8.2, which is good, because I had many glitches in 8.7. Cheers! K

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