RW8 un-install/re-install

No doubt this has been raised here before, but I can’t find anything about uninstalling then re-installing RW8 (there are several discussions about moving from RW7 to 8).
I am having various problems lately with RW 8 (which I’ve been using for the past eight months or so on this computer) and I believe it’s time to start over.
In the context of another discussion topic MarkSealey has kindly suggested some uninstallers but before trying those, I’d like to see if here’s an “official” way to do it with regard to RW8 - obviously protecting addons and stacks.

I would make sure I have a backup/clone so Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner for starters.
Then do as Mark Suggests.
That’s all.
You uninstall the program and related files only, not your add-ons and projects.
That’s it.
I have some backups of all my stuff on DVD’s which no one ever suggests, but I’ll suggest that too!

Don’t know if there’s one for RW8, but here’s something on RW7

Without knowing what problems you are having it’s difficult to say what’s going on. For most problems that a reinstall might help with, just reinstalling a fresh copy of the app into the applications folder does the trick.

As for addons, some problems are caused by old or corrupt addons, so if you are going through the process of reinstalling might consider reinstalling Them as well.

I personally use an open source program called app trap. Just move the app to the trash and it gives you an option to delete the system files that go with it.

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Thank you both - very helpful - as usual

How did you get on with this? I’m also having problems - particularly with speed of preview but also other weird stuff. Hence thinking along the same lines as you. Part of the problem when looking at Rapidweaver folders in the library is that I have see no fewer than eight com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver folders - four ending with 8 and four with no version number. Some empty, some very small, one large and one massive. And of course in different parts of the library!

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