Unknown Developer

I wonder that some Stacks listed in Addons Manager are shown as Unknown Developer (separate folder), and shown with a kind of standard icon (same to all)
Stacks are from YabDab, DeFliGra, CosCulture, Tsooj (maybe other) and just some of their stacks!
All stacks look like they are updated.
How or where can this issue be solved?

Other issue
Stacks are listed after their name in Library (Stacks) - can it be listed after developer as in Addons Manager?

I think this is a question for @isaiah
I am just assuming but I’ll bet it has something to do with changes in stacks API over the years, maybe there was no place for that info in earlier releases -or- devs never bothered to fill in the info.

Developers name is provided by the developer in the stack plist. Icons are also provided by the developer.

The expected mechanism is that developers include their name, website for info, and website for support, etc… as part of the stack (in the .plist file).

If this information isn’t preset, is malformed, or is provided in the wrong place (such as part of the “tags” functionality grouping) then the name of the developer may not display.

As for icons: sometimes developers “hide” some types of stacks – usually these are stacks that are only used as a component of another stack. These don’t normally show up in the library and often do not have their own custom icons. But if you enable the “Show Hidden” functionality of the Stacks Library (in the gear menu) some of these may display.

There are few reasons to enable the “Show Hidden” feature, so it’s best just to leave that setting disabled.


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