Library Icons suddenly not appearing

I have a fresh copy of RW 7.51 running on my Mac Mini with new install (reformatted SSD with no user migration) of the latest High Sierra 10.12.6 (16G29). I took this steps to provide a totally clean fresh copy of OS and clean fresh copy of RW (downloaded from RealMacSoftware). I added in my Yourhead plugins (latest from their website too) and only some of my Stacks.

Problem #1 Some of icons in my RW Library are not showing up - just the text names. It is random across various Stack developers.

Problem #2 Some of Stacks I have installed are not appearing in RW Library.
When I load an existing RW Project, it tells me that the Stack is missing when it is in the RW Stacks Addon folder.

What I have done to fix the problem without success

I have installed Stacks both via RW and manually. All stacks were freshly downloaded from each developer.

I have removed and reinstalled those problem Stacks and still the problem remains.

Any ideas anyone ???

I would contact @isaiah at yourhead support

This is from Neil on Elixir forum "Those stacks with no icons are like sub stacks that depend on other stacks in Foundry. You can stop showing these stacks by clicking “Library” and then deselect “Show Hidden Stacks”.


Thanks for the tip! However I would still like to be able to show the hidden Stacks, plus find a fix for my 2nd problem too…

I’m hoping there is someone out there with the answer to my problems.

The problem is that Elixir has not provided icons for those particular stacks. So there is nothing that you can do or have done wrong.

??? I’m not understanding what you are trying to accomplish by showing hidden stacks. They are child stacks (I believe that’s the correct name) and they are hidden for a reason: you can’t use them directly (as @peppermint mentioned). So there’s no problem except for your insistence on viewing these hidden stacks. (I have no idea why you “want” to do this, but it’s not helpful to you.)

OTOH, for Problem 2 it would be useful to know which stacks do not appear. If it’s a lot, then give us 2 or 3 examples. Same developer? Any other trends across those stacks which don’t show up?


Are you sure you HAD those stacks installed. With the update to Stacks 3.5, it changed the way Stacks told you about missing stacks. Before Stacks 3.5, if you opened a project from someone (like a developer) and you did not have all of the stacks installed, the missing stacks were just named Template and had no coloring to the background. WIth the update to 3.5, Stacks now tells you what those stacks are (easier for you to find out and possibly purchase if you want to) and it also shows you by coloring the background. It is a great thing to add, but it is confusing for people who do not know why their projects are suddenly telling them that they do not have stacks installed.

Hi there @bradf1405!

Like some of the other users mentioned – the icons that appear to be missing are left blank by me purposefully. They help me to quickly troubleshoot when someone has the Show Hidden Stacks feature turned on. Since these stacks are purposefully hidden, because they’re internal child stacks of some of the other stacks in the package, they don’t need icons. As @Mathewpoints out – these hidden stacks are not useable by you the end user. They’re only injected into the page via their parent stacks.

The Show Hidden Stacks feature is mainly a developer tool… A majority of the time the feature is of no use to the end user and is why the feature if turned off by default. If you go ahead and toggle that off, those icon less, hidden child stacks will go back to being hidden and will help tidy up your library. :+1:


The reason that you may want to see child stacks in the library is if you prefer to drag and drop them onto their location instead of using the + button.

In the case of Foundry it is recommended to leave them hidden.

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Problem #1 Some of icons in my RW Library are not showing up

I think Adam effectively clarified that. I’ll only add that the “Show Hidden” menu item will move to the Developer preferences in a future version of Stacks. It’s not really a feature that users should ever use. It only confuses folks (but it is necessary for developers) – so we’ll adjust the UI a bit there. I’d recommend just switching that off. :smiley:

Problem #2 Some of Stacks I have installed are not appearing in RW Library.

This is a symptom with many possible causes. Let’s just list off a few of the top ones and then delve a bit deeper into one of them.

  • There are several RW addons folders – the one you’re looking at is not the one being used
  • The addons folder has a custom location, but it’s set to the wrong place
  • The addons folder had a custom location, but has become reset
  • The addons folder has a custom location, but the location was moved, confusing RW.
  • Some of your stacks have become corrupted/mangled by Dropbox/Cleaner-Utilities/Backups/Updates
  • Some of your stacks were installed incorrectly
  • You updated things and the updates were significant enough that Stacks could not “live-update” the changes (you need to restart RW).

I started typing here to answer all of these but when I hit about 3 pages – I decided I should probably put these somewhere I can find them again – because I bet more people would like to see them. So I put them in our Q&A site…

All of these problems fall into a few major groups:

  1. Question: Some Stacks just aren’t appearing and the seem installed, why?: Answer
  2. Question: Something got corrupted, help!: Answer
  3. Question: Why do things look strange after an update: Answer

I think there are even more potential causes – but they get a bit esoteric after these major three categories. If you try all of this and stuff still seems wrong – then it’s probably best to contact our support folks: