Foundry icons missing and can't be used

I’ve got Foundry but I’m puzzled why a large number of the Foundry tools have no icons and can’t be used. Is there a problem with the way it’s installed or …?

Any help greatly appreciated.



I bet you have hidden stacks enabled in the Stacks Library view options. Turn that off.

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Thanks for the reply but that is definitely not the case unless I have a screw loose. First thing I checked. “Library, show hidden stacks” is checked.

Not all the foundry icons are blank and the text is there on all fo them icon or no icon. Many icons are there but about half are not, and for those with no icons, the function isn’t available either.

I’ve reinstalled Rapidweaver three times today, and I notice that even though I select de install all the components between each install, it still shows the stacks I have bought as installed except for “stacks”. Now it also shows that i haven’t bought stacks and wants me to buy it again even though I did buy that over a year ago. I’ve got that really annoying little banner in the top right corner of my workspace hanging round.

I notice that although I got Thunder Pack, the Cinema stack isn’t available in the foundry pack as the video shows.

Did you buy Stacks version 3? Then the banner might notice you about a possible update to version 4.

Or by deleting and reinstalling you lost the license info. Just click on the banner and enter the license info again…

“First thing I checked. “Library, show hidden stacks” is checked”

This should not be checked unless you want to see hidden stacks (which are hidden by the developer with purpose)


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