New RW Addons section -- needs descriptions for the items!

Nice to see it’s being updated! But I’m not wild about how the items are presented. Each one is placed in a huge square, which shows only the item’s icon (small) and tiny type saying “Stack from [Developer] updated 6 days ago.”

That’s really not helpful. Having to click on every item and wait for its page to load just to see what it is – is not a smooth experience.

Also, I think this could be a disservice to developers. If a user sees nothing but an icon and “Stack from [Developer] updated 1 year ago” – that instantly sounds less appealing than a newer stack, even though it may still be working fine and have a great feature set.

Bottom line – I’d like to suggest/request having at least a brief description of the item. It just makes sense from a customer perspective.



The other thing that seems to be missing - the old site had real-world examples of sites that used the addon.

I found that handy to be able to see the addon in something other than the developers demo…


thanks for the feedback @BMuse — really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Are you mainly view the site on your phone? Could you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

But yes, I agree we could improve the listings. We did have a short description on the old site, but we felt it became overwhelming with the amount of information being displayed. I will take another look and see if I can make the listings better.

Kinda agree with you here, I think we will look at removing the date from the listings.

I have this on my (very long) todo list —so it’ll be added back asap :slight_smile:


Hey Ben! Thanks for the response!

I view the site on my Macbook Pro (which allows me to spend money on addons way faster). :slight_smile:

I’m attaching a screencap.

Really appreciate the feedback on the feedback. I’ve been with RW a long time, and love the community.