Update Dateloom and DateSnap Now


Due to changes made by Google, the XML Feed URL will no longer function as of November 18th 2015.
Dateloom and DateSnap used this to gather Google Calendar events via the XML format. We have been tweeting about this for a few weeks, but figured it would be a good idea to post here in the forums too.

Dateloom users should visit our beta page and download/install the 1.1 beta of Dateloom for RW5 or 6

DateSnap users should update their DateSnap stack to 1.1.1 via the usual stack update methods.

You will also now need to use the Google Calendar ID INSTEAD of the previous XML Feed URL.

If you have any questions, please use our helpdesk to submit your question.

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Thanks guys - but my DateSnap seems stuck at v1.0.8. I just had Stacks check for updates and was notified that all stacks are up-to-date. In this event, is there a direct download link we can use?

I’ll submit a ticket too- but figured as I might not be the only one with this issue, that you might want to address it here, too.



I too seem to be stuck on 1.0.8

I know the feeling. I have an older site that is currently sitting RW5 and I can’t update it either.

Give it a try now. I think I have it sorted.

Yup, you did! Sorted! :smile: