Yabdab's DateSnap 2

Just upgraded to Yabdab’s new DateSnap 2 stack and seem to have an issue after installation…

I am left with four stacks:

  1. DateSnap version 1.1.2
  2. DateSnap Event, version 2.0.0
  3. DateSnap Event, version 1.1.2
  4. DateSnap Source, version 2.0.0

On the Yabdab website, there are three screenshots. The one on the left clearly shows that I should have DateSnap, version 2.0.0. I don’t.

When I inspect the newly downloaded package to see its contents, I don’t see ‘DateSnap.stack’ other than in the ‘deprecated_stacks’ folder see screen shot below.

And finally, I can drag the ‘dateSnap Event, version 1.1.2’ stack into a version 1.1.2 DateSnap stack (although it’s noted as ‘(deprecated)’ but (unsurprisingly) I can’t drag the ‘dateSnap Event, version 2.0.0’ stack into a version 1.1.2 DateSnap stack

Any help would be much appreciated. @yabdab ?



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Download the file again and start fresh. Early downloads had a bug that is now corrected.

I would suggest to first delete the old stacks manually (DateSnap.stack, DateSnapEvent.stack and DateSnapSource.stack) and then install the new DateSnap.stack. Worked perfectly for me…

I did the upgrade and have the same issue; downloaded again and same result:(
Installed the stack manually and fixed the problem

It’s all fixed - thank you @yabdab

I am having trouble with DateSnap 2+ I can see my calendar when I preview, but then I publish and it isn’t there? Any thoughts?

Check your file manager… prob need to delete the HTML file because it’s now php.

thanks I will give that a try!

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unfortunately that didn’t work.

You deleted the HTML file that has the date snap page file and left the php file on the server? If you’re on Chrome it may not refresh unless you reset… if you’re using Cloudflare it will definitely not reset.
Or try republish all?

I have gone to the server and deleted all related calendar files and pages and re uploaded. The php page is loading, but not displaying. I have deleted date snap and reinstalled. The calendar shows in preview and then disapears. I have tried different google calendars with the same results. I have tried publishing to a different server same issues.

Got a link? Screenshots of settings?


That doesn’t look like a calendar Id, looks like a calander url

Instructions here

then I tried another calendar

same results

I see errors, but as I am not a programmer, I can’t tell you what it means…
Possible you need to update jquery… I’d also make sure your host accepts php.

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thanks for taking a look~

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I have changed the theme from navigator from @Elixir to another and it works. I believe it’s a jQuery update needed. Any help with when update may be coming? @Elixir?


The current version of the Navigator theme (v1.1.3) uses jQuery v2.1.4. I don’t suspect that this should be a problem as Navigator is using a version higher than v1.9.1, which that error message says is needed by @yabdab’s DateSnap stack. What version of Navigator are you using?