YabDab's DateSnap Functionality

DateSnap may be just the stack add-on I’ve been looking for.
Presently, I print per month pdf files from my Mac’s Calendar app and publish them to my site for others to view. Any updates to my calendar requires a pdf reprint and republishing.
Can I use the DateSnap Event Source stack to provide details for MULTIPLE iCloud ICS Calendar feeds exported from my Mac’s Calendar app to a SINGLE site calendar?
When changes are made to my Mac’s Calendar app is the resulting site calendar dynamically updated?
Thank you in advance for your response.

Hi @martinsbussing

DateSnap will sync with Google Calendars, iCloud Calendars and manually inserted calendar items all at the same time without issue.

Some things to note:

  1. The calendars must be public
  2. The calendars must be shared
  3. The calendars must be on the service associated with it
  4. Link these associated calendars into your Mail.app using add new email address and make sure to sync calendars, the they will show in iCal and then any additions/changes/deletions will be immediately updated on the website when you make them to the associated calendar in iCal.

DateSnap is fully responsive, DateLoom is not!

I link 5 calendars from google through DateSnap here.


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Datesnap is fully responsive - but at least in my experience, not fully compatible with Foundation when used on an iPhone. Foundation and all of my stacks are fully updated - yet it’s all but impossible to get DateSnap to open up with a tap. Using a mobile device, you can see it in action here: http://ssclimbingteam.com/events/

I am courious, how are you using datesnap? are your events from google calendar or are they events you put in with datesnap?

I am asking because I use it here: http://walkinartcenter.org/events/pub_event_cal/
with the events originating from google calendar. On a desktop (where you can have a hover effect) I see the event summary. but on mobile iy actually takes you to the event on google calendar which I don’t really like, but I have not found a way around it.

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Hi @swilliam For the site above, I use it with MachForm - which allows people to register (and pay) for events (the client can also limit the number of people who can register…so that classes won’t be overbooked). I use it on a different site with Google Calendar and see the same thing you do (the pages, though, are locked down since they contain work schedules…so I can’t show you the link).

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So I went ahead and purchased DateSnap. However, I’ve run into a problem.
I’m following the steps for inserting iCloud Calendars, but for some reason it messes up repeating events. If I have an event scheduled for a particular day, and repeat that event for numerous days, once DateSnap ports the iCloud calendar information to my website, it does not end the repeated event but continues it … forever.
Single events are ported over without any problem.
Anyone else experience this problem, or is there a bug in DateSnap?

Did you set an end date in your repeating event?

If yes, then this would be a bug. YabDab fixes things really really fast but is away on holiday right now.

If you have set a end date to your repeating event then report it as a bug to him through his site.


Hi Scott
I noticed a typo on your calendar page. Visit is spelled incorrectly
Have a great day

Thanks David, I’ll check into it. One of the pitfalls of cms I guess. :slight_smile:

Foundation needs to get fixed in mobile. It layers wrong in mobile mode when using datesnap.

Datesnap is great outside of that.
I had to use non foundation theme pages wherever datesnap was present.

Is there no way to use DateSnap with a private calendar? I purchased the stack, but I didn’t know that Google Calendars had to be public for it to work.

I am not sure what to do now. Can I setup DateSnap to work with a CMS like EasyCMS?

Thoughts Ideas? My client can’t use it it Google is going to share the calendar with the world.

I figured out that I can use the Private Link under the iCal settings in Google Calendar, but when you click on a event in the DateSnap stack it downloads a .ics file.

I am not sure now to open the event in a model window to show the description. I don’t need users downloading .ics files or linking back to a public Google Calendar. I just want then to see the schedule, and click for details. I feel like I am missing something.

YABDAB is on vacation right now so if anyone can help me out that would be great.