7.1.1 Update Crashes RapidCartPro 4 in Preview mode

Trying to build store. Updated to 7.1.1. Store will not open in Preview mode. Crashes RW7. Gets to “Export” and crashes out.

If the new update for RCP is already available, it may fix your issue.

Have they done an update since the 7.1.1 release? I just purchased the
latest RCP yesterday, and it was working fine until I applied the 7.1.1
release of RW7 earlier today. Im restoring a backup of my hard drive and
keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for the very timely response. Much appreciated!


I can confirm the issue. We’re in touch with RMS staff to have this sorted out.

In the meantime I’d suggest to revert to RapidWeaver 7.1.0.

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Thank you for this, Gilberto. I’m restoring a backup right now.


You really do not need to keep a back up of old versions of RapidWeaver on your computer unless you use them. You can always get them here:

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That’s good to know. I’m relatively new to RW, still learning. I’m
restoring a full backup of my HD from last night, when all the pieces were
playing well with each other. I have a Seagate BU that creates a number of
backups each day. It’s probably overkill, but now I know I can grab what I
need from your site.

Thanks for this!

We’re looking into it now and will issue a new build of RapidWeaver later today with a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I spent years in software QA. This stuff happens. Fix one thing and two
things break. That’s why I do backups. I’m impressed with your promptness
and communication. Looking forward to continuing to learn RW and RCP!

Thank you!