Updated to 7.04 problems all day

Hi RW 7 , great and painless upgrade.
Just updated to 7.04 and I’m getting crashes , hangs , really strange freezes on random things like working in partials .
Can I go back to 7.03 ?
The save feature seems to be playing up , when its starts slowing down i save and restart but the changes aren’t getting saved, this isn’t once its been lots of times.

I have the same problem. Crash, crash, crash and losing work left and right.

Yes, you can go back to 7.0.3, get it here:

Another reason why this forums need a link to a FAQ somewhere on the homepage. Also, not that the FAQs have this, but there should be a FAQ about if an update does not work, where to get the prior version with the link I posted.

yes saving has been a problem did several hours work saved it , opened it up and it had all gone :frowning: how i chuckled to myself. RW 7 has been brilliant though up to this point I have to sing Rw’s praises . Its slick and been virtually no issues.

First thing to try is to redownload the full updated 7.0.4 app from the same link Rob provided and replace the one you have. That’ll make sure it wasn’t a delta update issue.


As info to Realmac…
I’m not seeing any more problems in 7.0.4 than in any previous version of 7 including beta’s. But that is not to say I don’t have problems. I’d had crashes, and issues in all versions. But 7.04 has not been worse for me personally…

I have high hopes for each new release but alas, I still have the same issues.

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Crashes every time I go to settings > master file. Maybe something else but certainly this has triggered a warning every time - although the project appears to carry on working. Error reporting window not working, just hangs (this isn’t new however).

These problems occurring with a brand new site in 7.0.4 - not tried any updated sites yet.