Updated Elixir themes for GDPR requirements

(Adam Shiver) #1

I’m popping in here to give everyone a quick link to a blog post I’ve made regarding my updated themes. I’ve updated all of the themes I currently sell to internalize components such as javascript libraries and fonts.

The blog post tells you what has been updated and how to download your updated themes.

Also, @ChrisMitchell found a bug yesterday that got introduced into the theme updates that I’d published previous to today (May 15, 2018). I believe it stems from a bug in the way RapidWeaver handles the Banner settings in the PLIST file. I’ve updated all of the themes to correct this problem as well. So, if you have by chance already downloaded your updated theme(s) you’ll still want to head over to the blog post and grab the latest versions.

I’ve included in the updates the ability to issue in-app updates going forward, if all works as it should.

And lastly, I’d like to make a request if possible – I know everyone has a differing opinion on what the GDPR laws cover and what needs to be done to make things compliant. If we could leave that discussion for other threads I would be grateful. If you start other threads about the topic and would like me to view or discuss things within them, let me know, but I’d like to if possible keep this thread focused on the theme updates and any questions people might have about updating their themes.

Head over to the blog, read up on the updates, and grab your updated themes.

(Doug Bennett) #2

The link to the order lookup:

Here is the link to our Order Lookup form provided by Cartloom.

Goes to the same page as the blog https://elixirgraphics.com/blog/updated-themes-for-gdpr-requirements

(Adam Shiver) #3

Not sure what you mean. The link for the order lookup, which is linked to from the blog post, is a javascript based modal from Cartloom. When clicked it should load an overlay like so:

(Adam Shiver) #4

I’ve updated the page to use Cartloom’s button for the order lookup. Perhaps that will help.

(Doug Bennett) #5

button works now, thanks

(Adam Shiver) #6

Cool. Good to hear it’s doing its thing.

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