Big thanks to Adam at Elixir Graphics

Hi all,

I just wanted to tell you about my experience yesterday with Adam from Elixir Graphics.

I found a small issue with one of his stacks, his response to my email was almost immediate and after a few emails back and forth testing a few settings he had it fixed and sorted within hours of my original support request.

Amazing support and service, not something I have experienced with many other developers who either take days or weeks to respond and sometimes can’t even sort a bug or issue with their app.

It certainly fills me with confidence when purchasing stacks and themes from Adam into the future.

Cheers to all.


Thanks for the kind words @scottjf. Really appreciate it. And thank you for going back and forth with me testing things out so I could hunt it down.

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I love reading stories like this, and I believe the users and developers are one of the reasons this little community of ours is oh so very special.

Keep Weaving Ya’ll!


I second everything you’ve said. On the few occasions that I’ve needed to contact Adam he has always responded extremely quickly. And his tutorials for his themes are superb.


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I had issues with a couple of Adam’s foundry stacks and they were resolved ASAP. So add another satisfied customer.

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