Updated Rapidweaver from 7.something to 7.1.7 today and I can't use stacks

After a while, I opened Rapidweaver to start building new project and then there was update offered, so I clicked update. After update, I have 7.1.7 abd the problem is, I can’t use Stacks anymore. All my old projects report error missing plugin Stacks. I reinstalled Stacks and it just doesn’t help.

I will look into this further now, on my second mac in order to see if it works there.

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I’m sure your version of Stacks is too old. It should be version 3.2.6 (beta 3 is the latest one). Download this one… http://yourhead.com/appcast/RW6/beta/Stacks3/Stacks_3.2.6b3_3896.zip …and install it. Then restart RapidWeaver and all should be fine.

If you are going to use the beta of Stacks, I would also suggest you join the Yourhead Slack channel
as this is the place to report bugs and issues with any of Yourhead’s software. Slack is a free app too.

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