Missing Plug-In Stacks

I need asap help. I built a RapidWeaver blog with the stack. I went to upload and the message, Plug-In stacks missing. I can see my addons for the exception of Stacks that says not install. I tried to re-download but it does not work. I do have stacks installed and registered. Therefore, all my hard work is down the drain because of the missing stacks. What can I do?

This is a beta version of Stacks. It has solved similar problems for some people. Please give this a try and see if it helps.

Stacks v4.0.2 beta 4
Download: http://yourhead.com/appcast/RW6/beta/Stacks4/Stacks_4.0.2b4_4775.zip
Release Notes: http://yourhead.com/appcast/RW6/beta/Stacks4/release_notes_4.0.2b4_4775

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