Updating a website into Rapid Weaver 7 from 5.3.2

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I am using Rapid Weaver 5.3.2, the content my site is okay so simply want it imported to Rapid Weaver 7 using the most responsive theme for mobile devices and page speed possible. Is this possible or am I going to have to build the site again from scratch? It is currently using one of Nick Cates designs please have a look and let me know if you have any ideas (The website is Advanced Assessments Ltd)

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Might want to start here:

Forgot to give us the URL.

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Thank you, did you see my most about making the hyperlinks not show on the website. Still trying to find my way around the forum and lost. I need very responsive website theme that loads very fast do you have any suggestions and can the content of the old website simply be transferred over?

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Most of the newer themes are responsive. As for load speed, that’s a lot more about whats on the page and the hosting company then the theme.
If you look at the help guide link above, from 5.3.2 (pre 6) there are steps to follow to convert your project to RW 7.

As for themes, I would take a look at ThemeFlood and [SeyDesign], they have a great selection, and excellent support. Both are owned by Will Woodgate, and he offers free demos on all the themes.

I would probably start with the upgrade process first, and then once you have a project file in the new RW 7 format try some of the themes out. There has been quite a lot of changes from RW 5 to 7, so you’re reasonably going to need to do a bunch of reworking things.

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Teefers, thanks for this, I need to look at a range of themes. The main objective is to get a theme that classified as good in Google page speed and one that is going to take the minimum time to transfer from the existing theme that I have as time is a premium. It would be good if I can videos uploaded to it quickly too.

You mentioned there is a lot of reworking to be done from RW 5 to 7, I am not a web designer by training so is there a quick summary and guide on what needs to be done as time is a premium?

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There’s really no such thing at a theme level, and I’m not sure why this would be a concern. The google page speed tool is just a tool that helps you the person publishing a site. It points out items that you could address to speed the page load. You can have a page that Google page Speedtest gives an excellent ranking on, but still loads slow.
If performance(page load time) is what you’re looking for the biggest impacted is the weight(size) of the content on the page. A large video is going to be slow to load on any theme. Other things that effect page load time, would be server side items like caching , and gzip.

Most of the reworking I was referring to deals more with going from a non-responsive site, too a fully responsive design. You’re taking what fits and looks good on a full screen and trying to “squeeze” it onto a tiny screen. You might want to have a look at what’s called “mobile first” design. You can search for that, and you’ll find all kinds of information about it. But it’s about designing for the smallest screen size first and expanding the content for each larger screen size. It’s always easier to grow to a larger size than shrink to a smaller size.

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Thank you so much for getting backto me. Page speed is such an issue for us because we advertise on Adwords and slow page speed = lower quality score = higher adverstising cost per click. So we want a site that fits their criteria as that is where we spend most of or adverstising budget and we want to spend less. It also impacts on the organic rankings.

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Page speed, and Google page speed insight (testing tool) are different things.
More important than what you pay per click cost are, is your conversion rate. A really fast page that does not convert (sell) anyone might be cheaper upfront but costs a lot more money in the long run.
As for generic (free) searches, speed is one of many factors, with content being much more important.
The theme you choose is going to have little impact on the page load speed. The total page weight of a empty page with any theme is probably going to be less weight than a single large picture, and tiny size compared with a small video.

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