Is anyone using RW 5.3.2

I am running OS 10.8.5 and rapid Weaver 5.3.2

I’ve been wanting to move up to the latest RW however I cannot upgrade to the latest mac OS because I have programs that would become in operative if I did so. And because of our recent tornado/health issues, I can’t afford to buy new Mac to move up to the new RW.

I’m wondering if anybody out there can help find a theme that would work with this version of rapid Weaver. I’d like to update my theme to a pulldown link on the top the page…(

And I need to make my page mobile accessible. We been on the web with this website since 1996.

Because of our tornado/health it’s going to be almost impossible for us to buy a new computer anytime soon to upgrade to the newest version of rapid River. Can anyone help. Please have patience with me on this.

We’re trying to get our lives back after the tornado. We thank anyone out there who could be patient enough with us on this matter. We know that’s an old version and most people have forgotten about it. But for the time being I’m stuck with this.

If you look at the community site listing under Responsive themes you’ll see many listed. If you click on each one, they’ll tell you what version of Rapidweaver they require. Also, if you’d like, always feel free to drop the developer a note asking specifically about the version you’re working with.

Hope the weather and your health improve into 2016!

No reason to feel ‘stuck’ with 5.3.2. I’ve not long upgraded myself and although I’m enjoying the extra whizz that RW6 and Stacks 3 provides, there’s plenty of life left in RW5 - and plenty of themes that support it.

I’d echo what @LaPan said and add that you can also find plenty of theme developers over at

As a shortcut, have a look at - Will Woodgate has plenty of themes with drop down menus (Flood and Solstice spring to mind but there are others). In addition, Will offers demos of his themes so you can try them out first to see if they’ll work for you.

The only other developer I can think of who also offers demos is Henk over at There, both Stripped and Elite and the new ABC theme all use drop down menus.

Good luck!

Looks like I found an old post. Hopefully this is not too late to be helpful. I am using both RW 5.3.2 and RW6. For RW5.3.2 I use the themes Strata and Reason Pro from Nick Cates. I also use Michael David’s themes, Epicon, Ebb and Flow and Cardinal. Both make pretty rock solid responsive themes.