Updating an old site .... scared to touch it!

I made this site a few years ago.

Once I’d made it, I never really touched it again.

Now the client wants to update it!

Its an old version of RW and It involves stacks that I no longer have (so in the page it says Template)

Can I decipher what stacks were used in there?

I almost feel its better to start all over again… ?

If you look in the page source, you can usually suss out most of the stacks. Just quickly looking, I see labels for:

  • Doobox Notes
  • Yuzool Icons
  • an Extra Content stack
  • and then what I presume are your standard column, text, etc stacks.

That’s just the homepage though. (I noticed the ‘Collections’ page has others by Will Woodgate, Joe Workman, etc. You might have to look at the source page by page…

I wouldn’t worry. The site’s already responsive and I’m sure you’d be able to work out which stacks were used - looks like TopBox on one or two pages - without too much trouble.

Depends on what they want to update I suppose. Looks like it’d be fun! :sunglasses:


Ok this is what I use to go through sites. I just had to find it


works a treat .


This is from http://weaveraddons.com/utilities/weaverdetect/ and its looking at your site.

You really need to update the contact page. putting emails that are readable in the page is a spammers dream.

Good find. Thank you.

Keep in mind that WeaverDetect is not updated for several years and does not detect recent stacks and plugins.
It usually detects modern themes (by looking in the right place, I guess)

It sometimes can be a useful tool as it proves in your case.


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I gathered that Macmenno as I had a look at my site, which detected Foundation and Header Plus and that was all.

but this is an old site so it may pick up a bit of it .

I tested mine it picked up my brand new stacks from Nick Gates Design so that was interesting