What Theme or Stack was used?

There used to be an extension for Safari (if i remember correctly), that would identify what Themes or Stacks were used on a known RW website. I believe it no longer works or is available. Is there currently any way of finding out that information?

Look at the meta’s in code view of your browser, you can usually tell from that

In Chrome for example, just right click on the website and choose View Source. You’ll then be able to see the code behind the page and somewhere near the top will be lines like this. Here the Ruby theme is being used.



In Safari go to Preferences>Advanced and choose ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’. Then you can choose Develop>Show Page Source

It was “WeaverDetect” indeed and doesn’t seem to be working anymore… Page source is your only friend now :frowning:

Yes, it was WeaverDetect and I understand it hasn’t worked for a few years.

Excellent suggestion, I just tried a few that show me that RW was used and that the framework was Foundation. Do you know if there are any that dig deeper to show what stacks were used?

The stacks should all be listed further down in the source listing

If you right click a page and select ‘View Source’ and then scrolldown the code a bit you’ll find something like the following that lists all the stacks used.

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