Opening my old websites

I have 2 websites I have not updated in quite sometime because I could not open my old MacBook. I have purchased a new MacBook and downloaded the updated rapid weaver software. I bo not want to make new websites I wish to open my old ones and update them. any help? thank you

How old?
I have opened RW5 & RW6 & RW7 in RW8…not many issues.

Ancient! Must be 2005. I have the websites but need to update them. Is there a way to import my websites into the new updatd software?

Unless you have the original project files and can go through the various versions of Rapidweaver then I bet it will be easier to copy the text and images into a new project. You said you were going to update it anyway.

This post might be helpful:

No. You can’t go to your website and ‘suck’ its contents into Rapidweaver. You’ll need the original project files and then I’d refer you to @thang’s post.

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