Upgrade to 5.4 from 6 - is possible?

As RW 6 is basically unusable on my machine - tabbing between it and other apps is painfully slow, constant beach balling, losing focus - can anyone suggest a way to get my files back to version 5 or is it a rebuild from scratch?

There’s no way to downgrade files, you’d need to copy and paste the content from version 6 over to a new document in 5.x.

However, I’m more keen that we get version 6 working well for you. Can you post a video of the issues you’re seeing?
Also, it sounds like you might be running low on memory, what machine are you running it on?


Hi Dan

Well - 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 with 16 gig of Ram - which runs all my other stuff well enough - Xcode / Creative suite etc - heck, even the new Photoshop runs well (shock)

Activity monitor shows over 8 gig of free ram while running Firefox / RW / Numbers / Transit

The main issue is constant beach balling when moving between pages and if I swap out to another app, another round of beaching when swapping back.

Running OSX 10.10.4 - only significant background tasks are Dropbox and Time Machine

Happy to help, try stuff out - I really want to stay with RW - its simply the best (or will be again )

The beach balling might be down to a third party plugin issue… how does RW6 perform with more basic sites for you?

Its fine with smaller projects - in fact what I’m having to do is break the project into smaller chunks and paste them in when ready, its a pain but swapping between apps is no longer a problem.

That will teach me to get ambitious :smile:

Do you have Auto Save turned on? If not, turning that off may prevent so slow-downs. We’ve made a number of changes to auto-save behaviour in recent updates, so make sure you’re on 6.2.3 :slight_smile:

Hi - Auto save and logging are turned off - it really does seem to be related to the size of the project file