Upgraded all = CRASHING!

I decided to Upgrade to RW8 and take advantage of excellent Site Styles stack that comes with Foundation 6.
It’s been crashing almost every time I try to drag a Foundation stack element onto a page.

very useless as it stands ?

I updated all stacks.
why is there a residual set of older icons such as “Site Styles”, “3 columns” , 2 columns" … etc. mixed in with the new ones named the same … ?
Foundation stack & Foundation6 stack both loading ?
I tried brand new project with Foundation6 theme … dragging stacks on page causes crash ?

Do you have Stacks 4. Stacks 4 is a requirement to run Foundation 6.


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It sounds like you might be trying to use F1 stacks with F6?

F1 stacks with F6 will not crash RW, but they will show a warning when using F6 Site Styles ‘You must add site styles’

However, trying to use F6 with YouHead stacks 3 will crash RW every time. You need Stacks 4.

Stacks 4 was the cure

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