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I just run the first test with the Stack3 plugin - it’s cool and it looks great, but as I tried to load my last projects (all made with Foundation and Stacks2) I saw all sites crashing at loading. Only one site loaded without a crash. I saw that this site don’t use the Site Styles Template that is no longer available at the latest Foundation Version using Stacks3.

The biggest problem is to work with RW and Stacks3 and Stacks2 parallel. It’s not possible to install both versions of the Stacks Plugin and it’s also not possible to work with Foundation for Stacks2 and Stacks3. So I can’t edit old sites with Stacks2 with the older Foundation Theme for using it in Stacks3 later.

Is there any way to run 2 versions of RW, one with Stacks2 and one with Stacks3? Of course I can restore the old version from my backup, but this is not the smart way to test and work…

Make a new user account and call it stacks 2, install RapidWeaver and all you stacks and plugins on this account as well. The only way to work with both versions of stacks.

Previous Foundation project will load just fine into stacks 3. What you must not do is try to then load a project you have saved in stacks3 when running stacks 2.

Do as @zeebe says but make sure that you have the Foundation 1.4.x theme and stacks in your stacks 2 installation.

Really you should not need to revert to stacks 2. Stacks 3 is backwardly compatible with stacks 2 projects and stacks - a tremendous amount of work has been done by @isaiah in order to ensure this. If you think that this is a stacks 3 related bug you should contact him with your crash logs.

Templates have been deprecated in Foundation 1.5 for stacks 3 as you can now use Partials. HOWEVER - all the templates are still present in the form of hidden deprecated stacks so that your existing projects will still work, you can even still edit their settings. The only thing you cannot do is add a new template from your stacks library.

Many, many users have been using Foundation with the stacks 3 beta (and opening their previous projects) without issue so I’m sure it is a simple case of ensuring that you have the correct versions of everything to match.

thanks, a good idea to run both versions. Hope Joe Workman find a way to load old Foundation Sites without a crash…

If you want you can send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we can see what might’ve happening

We would also suggest contacting Yourhead support
Bug reporting -
Support -

Since you are using beta software it could be an issue there as well.

@wda hey, i’d really love to get your project to see those crashes first hand so i can fix them. we have a slack channel set up – which makes it really easy to transfer large files (like big projects and big addons-folders).

knowing that crashes still exist in the beta is good solid info to help us gauge whether we’re ready to release or not (sounds like probably not. :wink: ) but if i can see the project and experience those crashes myself in my debugging, i can probably fix them before the final release.

thanks for helping beta test!

thanks. I did use latest versions of Stacks2 and Foundation and updated all Stack every Day. 3 of 4 current Foundation projects crashing if I try to load using Stacks3. I also updated all Stack3 Stack (light speed fast now) before to the latest versions too.
I know that Stacks 3 is still beta - this is no critic, I try to describe a problem or maybe a bug…

@wda I presume you have the correct theme as well for stacks 3, I’m sure you do but the theme has been changed significantly and may a crash if you were using a 1.4.x theme with v1.5 stacks.

It is certainly worth double checking in the info in the of a previewed page that the theme is correct. It should be Foundation 1.5.2. You can do this in a new black project without anything loaded (to avoid the crash situation).

Again, I’m sure that you do have the correct theme, it is just worth double checking if it leads you to a speedy resolution.

thanks for your fast reply. I’m not a good beta tester, because my english is only basic. It’s good enough to oder some food, but for detailed bug report it’s to simple. I will try to use the slack channel for the project upload.
BTW the Stacks3 Beta looks great and I try to switch asap.
There are a couple of other bugs that I saw:
Moving Stacks into a Group Folder is only possible with the popover view. At all other views it’s grey. Moving Stacks using the Mouse into this Group Folder also only works at this view.

what can I say - now it works. To check the error log I loaded one of the projects again (also had the working project open) and it did load without a crash. I was also able to open all other projects now. Maybe it was a RW6 problem and not the Stacks3 beta. I tried al least 10 times to open this files before and they always crashes and I did send some Reports to Realmac.
Thanks for your support…

@wda - i appreciate your feedback so much – and i’m already looking into the things you’ve posted, however the forum is not a super place. :frowning:

these problems you post here will be here for years to come even though these bugs will be only temporary. this will confuse other users of stacks a very long time. this is exactly why we set up a separate place for the beta.

please please please contact me via the slack channel or our support group, thank you so much for your help and understanding.

some more specific replies to some of your details:

crashes suddenly working
my guess is that this was related to specific versions of specific stacks – and that they are now updated. (a side note: this is why it is so important to send us files immediately when you find them.)

Moving Stacks into a Group Folder is only possible with the popover view.
This is simply not the case. Perhaps there is a bug preventing these issues – but it has not been reported by others, which would seem rather odd.
All three views (sidebar, window, and popover) have all the same features and functions.

About your language
Your posts here on the forum are super! And we have lots of germans on our slack channel too. Don’t beat yourself up. I think your English is at least as good as most in the U.S!!! also: i also speak french and a little spanish if that helps – although strangely having lived some time in germany and worked for a german company for many years i managed to avoid the language only because germans are so polite and gracious to always speak english to me – in other words: thanks :wink: )


@ isaiah,
I understand. Next time I will use the other forum for my questions or reports. I hope everyone notice that I used a BETA Version of Stacks 3 that is made for Bug reports and not for final use.
I will double check the Group Folder problem and contact you at the slack channel.

Thanks for your time and support and for that amazing update…


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