Upgrading to 8.3 from 8.2.1 from Apple Store & upgrading plugins

Hi all,
I’m new to Rapid Weaver

Would someone please tell me how upgrades work? I see 8.2.1 on the Apple Store but 8.3 RW is out and I’d like to get the latest version, 8.3, since this will be my 1st purchase. But I need to start developing my website ASAP and I would like to know that if I purchase 8.2.1, I can upgrade to 8.3 for free.

Would someone please tell me about the typical cost for upgrading plugins, too? My goal is to purchase RW8.3 and then the plugins that I need. I do not want to have to purchase “updated” plugins right after purchasing the ones that are on the RW site.

Thx so much!!!

As I said in the other post 8.3 is still in beta. 8.2.1 is the current production release.
8.3 when available should update automatically from the app store version. Just like most software paid upgrades only happen at the major version number like RW7 to RW8. That holds true for all the plugins and add-ons that I know about. Good example would be the upcoming stacks 4 release (also in Beta) will be a paid upgrade for stacks 3 users. Most of the add-on developers have a “grace period” so if you “just” purchased a plugin and they have a major update they will get the update for free. You would have to contact the developer to confirm this.

In the past the production updates are submitted to Apple at the same-time the non-app store versions are released. Aplle then has to go through its “approval” process before the app-store version is updated.

Thx for responding.
From what I can tell, 8.3 is for sale now. From the RealMac site, it is being advertised on the home page and that “leads me to believe” that I’d be purchasing 8.3 from the Real Mac Store. There is NO mention that version 8.2.1 is what would be sold to me in the Real Mac Store.

Hence the reason for my question and for my confusion.

I appreciate knowing the upgrade policy too. That helps a whole lot!! I want to protect my investment and I will be purchasing several addons at the same time.


Your right, it does state 8.3 on the RM site https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/
That’s rather silly/presumptive of them, I understand your confusion.

As already mentioned, as of now 8.2.1 is the current version, 8.3 is close to release.

PS, was it really necessary to start a new thread?

Glad you understand.
And yes, it was for me b/c as a small business owner, $$$ does not come fast but can be spent very quickly.

Therefore every $$ spent is an investment and is taken serious. Seemingly simple questions to you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars for others as well as Time!


RapidWeaver (and most sane developers) usually only charges for major versions (e.g. v6.x, v7.x, v8.x). Minor feature changes come in versions like 8.0, 8.1, bug fixes comes in versions like 8.0.1 and 8.1.2. This (roughly) is called semantic versioning by the way. In most cases you’ll get the minor versions and bug fixes for free. In Realmac’s history they’ve only broken from that once, over a decade ago, and don’t seem poised to change.

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