RW8 appstore and updates

I have RW7 purchased directly from realmac.
If I buy RW8 from appstore, when RW9 is released I have to buy it again?


When ever most software hits the next major upgrade you have to pay at minimum an upgrade price even on the App Store.
Incremental updates 8.x.x are free but 9 would be a paid upgrade. With RapidWeaver historically that should be about a two to three years out.

So paid updates with reduced cost are avaiable in appstore as well?

That seems unlikely.

I believe MindNode and the OmniGroup have found ways to deal with upgrades on the App Store. But it isn’t easy. Unless there’s some strong reason to purchase via App store I would encourage you to purchase direct.


There is no way to offer upgrades in the app store. It’s one of the big issues with the app store. What many companies do is offer a window of time where the new price is the same as the upgrade would be and that is the “fix”. But while a great deal if you are buying new for upgrading it means you only have a small window to be able to upgrade at a discount. Which seems to be what is happening right now. The price in the app store is the same as the direct upgrade price. The way it works it makes it easy to get people to switch to the app store version since the cost is the same but it’s a one way trip. I haven’t seen any companies offer to let you switch back to a direct purchase/ upgrade after an app store purchase. In the long run it probably won’t cost you any more to be in the app store IF you upgrade in the window each time, so it kind of depends on how you operate. I personally avoid the app store when I can but that is me.

One other note. The app store version has a 10.11 or later OS requirement and the direct version says it needs 10.12. So if the versions are actually different and you are on 10.11 the app store may be the way to go. this is the opposite of how things usually go. Apple seems to push developers to orphan older OS’s faster than they need to so usually the direct purchase has more support for older OS’s than the app store version.

Of course in may also be a typo on the app store or RM being conservative on their own site.


I’ve actually switched from App store to direct with about 10-12 products. Nothing in the last 4 months so I don’t remember each product in this moment. It’s not that unusual: now you get upgrade pricing via direct purchasing for the future. It’s a smart way to do things if you are leaving the app store. Or if you want folks to switch-over so they can buy upgrades in the future.

OmniGroup achieved different pricing in a smart way without a short window. More here:

They have multiple products and each one has multiple levels (e.g. standard vs pro) so it was quite important they find some way to deal with the limitations of the app store.

In general, however, I only buy direct unless App Store is the only possible option.

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Email offers a discounted price, the app store preview announce a price 59,99 BRP, the information text in the app store offers a price 59,99 BRP, but there is only the possibility to confirm a purchase price 69,99 (sixtynine). how do I have the opportunity to reach the discounted price 59.99 ???

@akoe I don’t know who you are trying to contact, but the way you’ve stated things the key people involved won’t get your message. This discussion area is mainly frequented by users of the software, not so much by the developers. I’m adding tags so Dan or Tom might notice this:

@dan @tpbradley

may be that’s the difference between BRP and EUR …

It must be the difference between currencies, maybe you could post screenshots of both so we can see?


Setapp is your answer.

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