Upgrades through App Store

(Mark Evans) #1

Hi there, apologies if this has already been asked - I did search.

I need to buy a new version of RapidWeaver and prefer to do things through the App Store. However I’m aware that RapidWeaver 8 is on the horizon. Anybody know if I buy 7.5 now through the App Store whether I’ll be able to upgrade that to 8, or would I have to buy the full-price version once it comes out?

Thanks in advance.

(Doug Bennett) #2

There’s been no word on a window for free upgrades outside the App Store yet. Don’t know if it can even be done within the App Store.

(Aaron Marquez) #3

Hey @markimedes -

Once we announce an exact release date for RapidWeaver 8, we’ll most likely provide a range for purchases that we’ll honor.

Happy 'Weaving!

(Mark Evans) #4

Awesome. Thanks for the super-quick response.


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