Upgrading to Rapidweaver 7

Ok. I think I may be Rapidweaver upgrade mentally disadvantaged!! So please be gentle with me lol. I am upgrading from version 5 to the latest version Rapidweaver 7. I downloaded version 5.4.1 as instructed but that’s all I have achieved so far. I launch version 7 and it never initiates to copy my add ons. In addition I have no idea what format to save my existing projects in to be comparable with version 7. And how do I do that. Is version 5.4.1 suppose to replace my existing version 5? It isn’t. Thanks for any patient direction anyone can provide. (I am running OS X el capitan).

Ok I’ve made progress. I have downloaded version 5.4.1 as instructed. I’ve updated my plugins. I’ve resaved my projects in version 5.4.1. I’ve downloaded the latest version of Rapidweaver 7. When I launch version 7, I still do not have any way of copying my addons over. What am I missing. Thanks.

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