Upgrading from Rapidweaver 5.0.2 to 7

Hi everybody out there,

I just purchased the upgrade to Rapideaver 7 version. At the moment I have 5.0.2 and read on the Realmac website when upgrading 7, that I first need to upgrade to 5.4.1 and from there the new version will recognize my older projects. I can’t find a 5.4.1 version to download online anywhere. I need some good advise here.

Thank you so much


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Thank you so much Thang for the quick response, I really appreciate it. The download was successful.

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NP - glad it helped. Just wanted to mention that you can often find the answer to your question by searching the forum.

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Ok, great! Thank you

Thang, do you have any idea why my older version project will not open in 7? Going crazy here. Updated to 5.4.1 but it is not working.

Here’s some information that might help you.

Did you ever get your problem solved. I am in exactly the same boat right now. I downloaded the 5.4.1, updated my plugins, etc. But when I launch Rapidweaver 7 it does not give me the option to copy over my “addons” . So nothing that is in version 5 has moved over to version 7. Thanks.

You can also move your addons manually: