Upload a subdomain

I created a subdomain using stacks, the problem without publishing it remains in the designed format rather than the website format. Please advise. Thanks

Sorry to say this…what the @#%$#% are you talking about?
You are going to have to show us something or explain better!

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Stacks can’t create a subdomain as such, you can only setup a subdomain on your web hosting.

I’m not sure what yo mean by the different formats but wondering if you have uploaded the RapidWeaver file, yourfilename.rw, instead of publishing your website to your web hosting?

If you wish to view your ongoing designing, get MAMP and set it up so you can view what you build locally. Or you can view it directly in your browser by going File/Preview Page in RW.

Joe, let’s try starting from the beginning. Do not ever respond to me with that nasty attitude. I am using your stack software , which I am not acquainted. I don’t have to use RapidWeaver but I like the software. Technically, you need interpersonal skills. Thanks Paul and Anugyan for your responses, I will follow your suggestion.


Don’t think @joemart1951 makes any software, at least none for RapidWeaver nor RapidWeaver itself…

You are correct…and I didn’t mean to offend…I was just confused.

1st, No one in this thread works for RealMac, we’re all users like you so “I’m using your stack software” is incorrect

2nd, Your initial post made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • You CANNOT create a subdomain with stacks, you can only do that through the cPanel on your server.
  • “the problem without publishing it remains in the designed format rather than the website format” is gibberish.

Joe’s response was correct to my eyes.


Hey Ruby, shame about the bad feeling on here but could you spend a bit more time explaining what has happened because your post really doesn’t make sense. Appreciate there may be a language issue - in which case spend a bit more time on describing exactly what you have done. People will be helpful if they understand the question.

Other commentators are correct: a sub domain is literally created on your server and then sits at the beginning of your primary URL followed by a dot. e.g. sales.mybusiness.com where ‘sales’ is the subdomain and mybusiness.com is the primary domain.

As well as MAMP and File>Preview, you should also use the ‘Simulate’ function to see how your site pages look on different devices.

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