Help Using Sub-domains in Rapidweaver!

I’m trying to figure how one can setup certain pages in a site built with Rapidweaver to use sub-domains. I don’t see any information (that I can find) on using sub-domains. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m also looking for help on this too…cant seem to find anything relevant already in forum.
I want to have a test site setup, so client can access the site and view a live version. They already have a site but don’t want to interfere with that website until new one completed and ready to go live.
Any help and advise would be appreciated.
Cheers Scott

As I understand things, and I could be wrong here, subdomains are essentially domains, just located within the domain itself for purposes of organization. Just like rooms in a house, you can’t get to that subdomain just by walking into the front door - you have to go into that subdomain.

So, if you want to integrate subdomains, you’ll have to treat them as external sites and either iFrame them in, or, use some javascript/jQuery to fetch the html and put that in a node in your document, or link to those sections just as you would any other site.

Probably not the answer you were looking for I’m sure.

As for testing, you’ll simply need to change the publishing setup. Set up your main site as a bookmark (in the publishing setup panel), and do the same with your test site location. Then you can switch back-and-forth a little more easily than re-typing things (unless you’d rather, which is at your discretion).

Very quickly -

setting up and publishing to a sub-domain will require 2 parts

  1. set up the sub-domain on your hosting companies admin page - usually e.g. domain in , then you add a sub domain for example -
  2. configure rapidweavers details - Both in upload info “publish” area " & in the "configure’ area for your site , under general remember to set the “web address” correctly -

post if you need more help :slight_smile:

Depends what you really want to archive.

Let’s say you have:

All of these have to be mapped in the configuration settings of you hosting provider to a folder inside your overall files.
With this, you could map:
subdomain demo -> folder /demo
subdomain test -> folder /test
subdomain shop -> folder /shop
Main domain -> either root folder /, or another folder like /main
You have full control about these settings.

Then, you would be able to publish in each of the subdomains (and with this, sub-folders) another RW project.
Or, publish one project in the root folder, and use the sub pages as sub domains (with above explained folder mapping).

Depends on your use case…

Cheers, Jannis

Thanks for all the very useful information, I have created my sub-domains and mapped them to the appropriate directories. Now I have to just test if this all works. What I’m trying to accomplish is to isolate two storefronts for two different countries so that PayLoom3 does not merge the carts from the two pages.

Hopefully this will work!

Aloha, Robin!

Payloom doesn’t support distinct shopping carts?

Interesting, that is not what the PayLoom guys told me, they said that if the PayLoom pages are each on their own sub-domain they would be separate as the carts are domain based. Guess I better get some clarification from them!

Aloha, Robin!