Upload error '0 of 0 files published'

(Derek Pratt) #1

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded to Rapidweaver 7, version 7.5.5. It worked fine for a while but now when it starts to publish a message comes up ‘Publishing your website - 0 of 0 files published’.

RW stops and I have to use Force Quit to close it.

The upload log includes a message ’ _RMKeychainItemCheckStatus Error: -25293’.

This error comes up on both my websites, one has just one edited page and one has many edits.

Can anyone help please? Thanks.

Upload error ‘0 of 0 files published’, Repair of Keychain?
(Jason Bostick) #2

Go into your publishing bookmarks and re-enter your password, I bet that’ll do it.

I don’t believe that this is a RW problem, it seems to be a Keychain issue that cropped up for some of us in a High Sierra update

RW 7.5.5 and Force Quit
(Derek Pratt) #3

Worked a treat - thank you!

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