Cannot export-supposedly needs banner, but none in site?

I’m using the Iris theme and when trying to Export, am getting this alert:

But nowhere in my site is there a banner? I’ve looked in Settings>General, checked every page, checked CSS, Header, Body and Footer - no banner. What do?

EDIT: RW 7.0.4, OSX 10.11.6

OK, in an attempt to figure this out, I’m going to try and copy all content to a new, blank stacks page, since I was changing themes a lot as I was designing things, and perhaps some banner cruft is lying around somewhere. But to do that will be tiresome - is there a way to copy and paste multiple stacks?

I’m using the Iris theme, and exactly the same issue for me !

Thank you for any help…

It’s perhaps staring you in the face, perhaps not very obvious. I finally realized that it IS there in Settings > General. You must give it a banner image! Just drag and drop something into the space, and don’t forget to put it into your Resources as well.

Thank you very much Philip Owens…

Ok if it is just for testing in local, but for publishing (I am beginner in RapidWeaver) is it working if I don’t give a banner image in Settings > General ?

Merci beaucoup (in french)

No - that’s the problem. If faut que vous donné un banner! Pardonez moi ma français du merde!

I have all understood !
Your french is not so bad, just so kind…
Nick Cates has just updated (version 1.4.2) his Iris theme about (I think) this problem.
I can’t teste the new version, there is a apparently a problem to download it from his site. I emailed him about the issue.

Merci encore

The RapidWeaver 7 Export issue is now fixed by the updated Iris theme version 1.4.2
Super !