Uploading an existing HTML page onto Rapidweaver

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I just purchased a Media player plugin which has files including entire html page files. How can I embed this into Rapidweaver?

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The player came with an entire html page? Perhaps that was a sample page? What plugin did you purchase? You don’t run Stacks?

It is s sample page I bought elsewhere

No one can help if you won’t give the name of your plugin. I’ve never heard of buying a sample page. Sorry. If you paid for something it should have instructions for adding it to your website.

RW has an HTML page type. You could try copy and pasting the sample page into there. As Greg says, though, tough to help without a bit more info.

There is also an HTML stack if you want to integrate it within a Stacks page.

Im sorry for being too broad. This product which will be a world first and highly demanded by over 2,000 customers to begin with.

The Plugin is called Universal Video Player by Lambert Group

Yeah, this then:

Those kinds of things do usually come with a number of completed demo pages, but the instructions that come with the plugin walk you through the orchestration of the dependencies. There are going to be CSS and javascript files with that plugin. Possibly several of each. Typically these things will require one, or many, div elements to be in place for the CSS and JS to target.

What you are going to have to do is figure out how to get the dependencies into your project (which should be easy enough), update the link paths to the dependencies in order to reflect whichever method you used to inject them, then ensure that the html in the page is correctly set up with the elements the CSS and JS expects to be there.

The html stack is your friend here.

I’m not sure why you bought this particular product. You are going to have to go through some extra hoops to set it all up correctly. So, first, what was the key feature (or features) that led you to this product? There are many video players that run natively on RW. My guess is one of them will do the job for you and take much less effort to implement.

I also did a quick test of their setup and the video I watched was NOT responsive (even though they said it would be). So not be responsive is a huge warning sign. Perhaps I ran across the one instance where they made a mistake in implementation but I’d be wary.

Of course it’s possible this product offers one unique feature that can not be found in the RW world and so it really is worth your time to go through the extra setup procedures. But we’d need to know more.

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Thank you everyone for your answers and for your support.

That is the application, which I found out will not work in our situation. I bought it as part of a package, which I am hoping I will be able to use.

I have been searching far and wide both within Rapidweaver and externally for a solution which would have done what we needed.
What we are wanting to do is to be able to have an HTML or PHP page with Media player and playlist of folders and MP4 files, which new folders and files are being generated by our server.

This is for the purpose of replaying incident video footage which our customers can access online via our subscription service.

I can host the webpages on the same server using IIS as where the CMS Server is hosted. Doing it this way allows an easier file path to the folder relevant to the vehicle Mobile DVR. So I can set the file path accordingly. - this method I prefer.
I have already set up a site including file folders where the HTML/PHP pages will be hosted.

I can also host the webpages using our existing web server as a subdomain. pointing the server file path to be :https://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx:yyyy/folder1/folder2/vehicleID

Subsequent to the Vehicle ID Folder, there are other folders which are separated by dates, and in each dated folder will be mp4 video files.

I want the page to have the file list and, when the customer selects the date folder, then mp4 files appear (hopefully with thumbnails), when clicked on, the media player plays the mp4 video.

And inside the same page, I want to embed a URL which has it’s own media player. So I would want to position this in the top right of the page using the iframe code.

And underneath this is where I want the playlist and player to be, all in the one webpage.

If you mean will not work in a Rapidweaver project then I would be interested in understanding why not. I’ve always had pretty good results with third party scripts in RW.

If you mean that it will not work because it’s not a fit for the design or UI you are trying to achieve for your product, then fair enough.

Indricold, I meant that it will not work because the Universal Media player does not suit our application as it does not allow for navigating through folders. It needs pre-loaded files.

So I am open to suggestions and I am happy to pay as a donation or invoiced to have an answer to how to create the stack, or a finished HTML/PHP page ready to upload, just needing the file path and URL details.

Ask @willwood

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