I'd like to use a movie (mp4)

I’d like to use a movie (mp4).
So that it may move on the top screen.
I’m a beginner.
I’m Japanese.
I’m not good at English.
If possible, please tell me by a snapshot (picture).
Your cooperation is needed.


There are several stacks to integrate html5 videos.
I use Joe Workman’s HTML5 Video Stack (picture 2) and the Player Stack from Stacks4Stacks (Will Woodgate).

You can also use this codes in your page (picture 1).

Put your video (and your poster) in the resources of RapidWeaver.

<video poster="%resource(your_poster.png)%" src="%resource(your_video.mp4)%" width="560" height="445" controls> Your browser can not play this video. </video>

or try this, for all devices and browsers.


This browser does not support HTML5 videos


Another excellent and fool-proof way is to upload your video to Vimeo, and then use Joe Workman’s Vimeo stack to display it. You can be assured that your video will play on virtually any device that pulls it up.

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Thank you very much.
Time is a little necessary to understand the meaning.
But surely.
I follow your directions.
Thank you very much really.