Urgent. my site stopped loading most content

My site has been working fine for 10 years with RW, and was working 2 days ago, but now only loads the content in the left pain that is with plus kit.

According to a the update buttons, everything is updated: Version 8.3 (20799)

I’ve uploaded it again, and still nothing.


did you update plus kit settings…

I haven’t touched that part in months. And that seems to be the only part working

not sure what version of PlusKit you are using…if upgraded you have to set the configuration again.

Those settings seem to be fine, and that has been working since the update
Pluskit Version 4.1.3 from December 12, 2018
Stacks Version 4.0.1 from August 12, 2019

did you look at the configuration…to ensure everything is set right?

yep. all looks as right.

The related project (English version) works, also using plus kit. “https://www.widman.biz/English/index.html

Without looking at the project file I am not sure what else I can do…

The Spanish link (only partially underlined linked BTW) on your English site points to an .html page, when clicked it gives a 404 page not found error, the link for the Spanish site you give above is for a .php page - something there doesn’t seem right to me.

Thanks for noting that. About 6 months ago when I put the counter stack on, it changed all my pages to php. I have since had to change a lot of manual links. I’ll get to that.

The php page has worked from that time to now.

Project file is 110 MB

I just clicked on the link I posted above, and this shows this “nofollow no opener” phrase. What does that mean and how did it get there?

I’d suggest loading your English page (Widman International SRL) in Safari then run ‘Show Javascript Console’ from under the ‘Develop’ menu and start to diagnose your problems from there.

Also under the Debugger tab there’s a problem with your Tracker.

Personally, I’d save the project locally to a folder on your hard drive then bug test with MAMP, following that, I’d delete the entire site from your host using FTP then re-upload.

The English page shouldn’t really interfere, and that is not my priority right now (aside from the fact that while trying to change the html link to php, I discovered that there are two pages that I no longer have the stack for, and need to re-do as I have on the Spanish pages with the other stack.

Last night found that I started getting the same error when pressing the simulate button on RW. I hit the inspection element and saw the same “nofollow” message.

This morning I loaded RW and the file, and got a message for another stacks update, installed it, and the simulate is now working fine. I’m publishing now, hoping that it is now fixed, and that it was a stacks bug. Probably take an hour or so to upload.

I no longer get the nofollow message, and the page works locally again, but can’t figure out how to get it to work on the site.

I downloaded the demo of NAMO, but have no idea how to use it.

Looking at the page source on the web, I saw this message

so I went to the ThemeFlood site and downloaded the latest version of the theme, re-published everything, but still get the same error message.

I’m not real sure what’s going on but there is no content on the right, just the left (sidebar).

Nothing much else is getting published. Are you sure you are publishing to the correct site & folder?
Try making a small change in the area that is showing and see if the change shows up.
It also appears that you have both an index.html and an index.php, that’s not good, use whichever you need but not both. Delete the one that you don’t need.

As mentioned previously - If it all works locally, FTP to the server, delete the site (or make a folder on the server and put the non working site in it) and then re-upload the working version from your Mac via FTP or SFTP.

I just got an email from Woodgate that tells me the error is in the hit counter stack, nothing shows up as needing updating, so now I’m trying to find or communicate with them. it is the bodHitCounter stack from Bryn Owen Design.

Hi Richard - I am only just seeing this after getting your email. The HitCounter Stack has not been updated in months (May 2019) so I am not sure it is causing something as of two days ago. But I am working with you via email and will try to help!

Thanks Bryn for all your help on this. Glad to know that it wasn’t your problem, but you were part of the route to the solution.

Glad to help Richard. In case others are curious, I think we got as far as finding that it was a site configuration problem that the host helped fix, or possibly something to do with index.html and index.php files coexisting. It was never 100% certain which. I’m glad it was not a Stacks problem!
Hope things remain stable for you,