/div errors all over the place

I’m still on RW 5.2.2 and a recent attempt to update my site resulted in it being ususable. I even went so far as to completely reload it but still errors. Specifically, I get a lot of this error:

I have no idea what that means. I am not a programmer and just a retired person trying to manage a website for a non-profit. If you want to take a look at the site, the address is:
Any suggestions would be appreciated so much!

The error text I entered does not show up here.


less than, followed by div and then id and then myExtraContent1 and greater than.

Sorry, I don’t know how to get the text I enter to be accepted. Please look at the site to see what I mean.


I can explain what happened. But I fear that fixing it could be tough if you’re not wholly familiar with the mechanics of HTML (in the RapidWeaver environment).

A web page usually consists - at least these days, unless it’s remarkably simple - of multiple resources in addition to the basic HTML.

These include images, scripts (such as JavaScript) which control a huge range of things… the behaviour of animations, user responses, order of loading, management of other scripts and so on.

The (textual) content does consist of sentences, phrases, words, of course. But its formatting (how it displays, colour, font, size and breaks etc) is determined by external files which are part of a unifying system called Cascading Style Sheets. RW almost always builds and controls these Styles using a precisely-constructed hierarchy of external files which reside on the server alongside your text and images etc.

What you’re seeing on the page which you reference is a series of errors indicating that all these sub-files, these secondary resources - which are every bit as essential as the text itself embedded within the HTML pages, which you used RW 5.2.2 to build - are missing. Or are now in the wrong place. It’s almost certain that your ‘attempt to update’ the site caused this, regrettably.

If you performed this ‘update’ in a single action, one that you can remember, you may be able to reverse it and republish. If you have a backup of the RapidWeaver Project file which reflects the state of the site inside RW before you made the changes, you may also be able to retrieve that and publish it.

In either case, there’s a chance that reverting to how things were before you updated could result in a set of files which is publishable and which will allow the server on which you used to be able to see the site to display them again as you want to.

Without knowing which changes occurred during your update, it’s almost impossible to know how to guide you back in time. But do provide more details of what you did (and whether you have backups) and if we can help, we will! Good luck :slight_smile:

I am now thoroughly petrified! When I look at the RW project on my home computer, everything looks the way it should. I’ll look in my backups and see if I can find a workable version. In the meantime, I wrote the hosting company to see if they can restore my site to the way it looked a few days ago. Somehow, I’m getting the feeling that I may have to start from scratch and create it all over. And that does not give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

One other question. How would I go about replacing these missing style sheets?

Did you try republish all?
If it is okay on your local preview then something didn’t upload. Save a copy then republish all. You are missing your CSS

I used the replace everything option. Took almost an hour.

You didn’t change themes did you?

I still think something didn’t upload.
Do you have an FTP program? If so export all and try uploading via FTP.

The only thing I did was change some text on the splash page.

Give me a min, I will go to my computer and see what the errors are.

looks like most of what is not found should be in the folder: www.michiganikes.org/re_common/

this is the directory RW stores the theme CSS stacks files etc.

Something didn’t upload or got corrupted, can you export to a local folder and ftp?

If not try right clicking on the page and republishing or republish all from the menu.


As Scott says, try republishing everything.

It’d help us a lot, though, to know exactly what you did when you made the change(s) which you describe in your first post.

If you did change the Theme, then you will certainly have to republish.

You can’t ‘replace’ these missing stylesheets because they’re built into the structure that RW uses to control the appearance of your site, theme by theme.

Note that if your hosting company restores to an earlier version, updating the site again from RW will overwrite that and you’ll be no further forward.

It really does all depend on what changes you made.

Did you, for example, change the location to which you publish and then try and upload just that splash page?

Scott, it’s all (?) the resources from Will’s Wilderness Theme

Yes, pretty much, that and I see some images (stacks) in /files/

I did not change any themes or pages.

I only changed some text on the splash page and replaced
an image on the same page.

Did you change the location in which to publish, the ftp directory etc?

I agree with Scott. Try republishing all, having marked all your pages as Changed first.

And before doing anything make a clearly-named backup of this (albeit faulty) Project file… you never know when you might need it!

something else is going on also because none of the nav links work either all return 404.

so something changed…
website url, publish url, something got changed.

Just courious, how long has it been since you did an update to the site? Wondering if it’s possible that the hosting co changed something with how your site is mapped (where your docroot is)

at any rate if your publishing settings are correct and you republish all it should fix it.


I’d say your best bet at this point is to Republish Everything from the most recent backup copy of your RW Project file… perhaps retrieved from Time Machine.

If that works, Good. Then we can help you make the changes which you wanted to make, step by step.