URL entered in General and Publishing settings

I have often wondered but never asked why the URL needs to be entered in both General and Publishing settings.

The reason it has come up now is that I noticed the logo in a ‘wrapped’ Formloom form was no longer showing in received emails - just a box with question mark and no option to ‘download images’. So I clicked on the missing image, and saw that Formloom had a typo in the URL to the resources folder - manorwin.com/resources instead of manorwines.com/resources

Looking in my Publishing Settings, sure enough the typo was there - although it was correct in General Settings. What I don’t understand however, is that the typo has been there for about a month, but numerous changes to the website in that period have been publishing perfectly.

Any thoughts?

These two URLs are different and used differently I believe. For real clarification @dan and @tpbradley would need to step in.

That said, they are separate pieces of data. The publishing settings are used for just that – publishing. The URL in the General settings is provided to addons so we can figure out the file file structure, location of files and folders, etc within your project’s configuration.

Having these two things be separate is a good idea. Among other things it can allow you to do things like publish to a temporary staging location, and later just rename things on your server to make the site instantly live via a different URL. Then later change the publishing settings to the new permanent location.

Again, if you want strict details on the differences you’d need to consult with @tpbradley and @dan on it, but from my vantage point it is a good thing to keep this this how it is.


Thanks for this. I’m still mystified as to how publishing has worked fine with a mis-typed URL in Publishing Settings however! I would have expected it to simply fail? Having fixed the typo, the logo is now showing agin in Formloom emails

The action of publishing is likely related just to the path field. It probably uses the publishing URL for something else publishing related but not for the actual transmission of the data.

It was my understanding that the url used in the publishing setting will override the one in the general settings. Since you can publish to multiple destinations, each destination will have its own publish URL

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