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Probably a dumb question, but why does RW require the site URL to be both in ‘settings’ and ‘publishing settings’. And what happens when the publishing setting is correct but the general settings is not? Or, if you publish to a different server (say for testing), do you need to remember to change the URL in general settings each time you change the publishing settings?

I’ve built well over 100 sites in RW but never understood this :slight_smile: ad I’ll probably be embarrassed when I get a simple answer… or will I?

You don’t need to supply it in both. The one in the publishing setting will/should override whatever is in the project settings.

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OK - one of the reasons I raised this was that Google Search Console is giving me some weird signals back on a new 8 page site I published last week. The pages are all coming up on site: search but in Search Console it’s telling me 8 pages are fine but 8 pages couldn’t be indexed. Also, none of the pages are found on a sitemap.xml yet the sitemap has been successfully submitted (a week ago). So I looked at my project and realised I had left the URL in General Settings as my test server - wondered if this had anything to do with the weird Google stuff. All reset, republished and re-index requested so I’ll see what happens.

I can’t seem to remember off the top of my head, but doesn’t RapidWeaver’s %base_url% variable, which is used in theme templates, get pulled from the URL provided in the General settings? I don’t believe RW pulls that %base_url% from the publishing settings, which is why you need it to be correct in both locations.

It’s possible that the built in Sitemap only looks at the url in the general settings. Could be a bug. We should let @dan know…

You could look at the sitemap.xml file and see.
It’s not pretty but certainly readable.

Double-checked – the %base_url% for templates does seem to pull from the General settings URL, so it is necessary that it is entered correctly.

The URL setting defined in your publishing settings should override the URL defined in the general settings.

It does not override the General settings URL for template based variables like %base_url% from the test I did earlier.

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