URL / Folder name not changeable for homepage

Hi everyone,

I made a website with the kiki theme but am having problems with the homepage. For some reason I am not able to change the URL because a folder name can’t be added for this specific page. It is possible for any other pages. This is an issue because it is significantly lowering my google ranking. Would anyone know what to do about this?

www.pianolessons-london.co.uk (this is the homepage)

Best, Natasha

Your home page needs to be the root directory of the site, otherwise browsers will not find it unless directed to the specific URL.

So, if you were to change your home page to https://yourdomain.com/myhome/index.html

Then a browser going to https://yourdomain.com will come up with a 404 error page not found and it won’t see an index.html (or index.php) at that URL.