Rapid weaver warning message: index.php on homepage not recommended?

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Last couple of hours before GDPR hits the web.
I’m working on the last bits of a homepage, trying to include Will Woodgates excellent Cookie Manager Stack.
Works like a charm so far, but when I tried to change the homepages index file from html to php, rapid weaver puts out the following warning:
“Changing the filename of your homepage to ‘index.php’ may prevent your site from appearing correctly online. Are you sure you want to change the homepage’s filename?”

Any idea what this means? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of homepages with a index.php in the home directory…

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I’ve never seen a warning expressed in those terms. The ‘downside’ of changing from html to php is that Rapidweaver won’t delete your file and browsers will serve the index.html before index.php (which could mean an old version showing.

Of course, logging into your site files and deleting the old index.html file easily fixes that. I don’t know of any appearance issues with using .php though

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, maybe RW is trying to keep us from ending up with two index files in the root directory…

Any other ideas?

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That’s exactly why RapidWeaver shows this message - no other reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

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Excellent, thanks for your help!

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