Users need a place to rate developers support

Thanks for your time.
I think we need a place to rate developers support. In most cases, there is no refund options, and it does´t exist a perfect software. Customers support is as important as the piece of software itself.
Here is some point I would like to have information before purchase (all developers together and not each in its own website).

  • How long does an answer takes? 2 days, 3, 4… a week? Mon to Frid, 9h-17h
  • Is software documentation enough and clear? (Manual, tutorials,
  • Does Version history and bugs solved list exist? (Don´t want to waste time with already known bugs.)
  • Do they offers a Demo versions for testing?
  • Does Refund options exist?

I don´t know how to put data, kind of a chart or whatever, in order to see it quickly but I do believe we need it. So if you consider it will be useful, please give your opinion about which features vote and how to present the results.
Some fields are objectively measurable as the time it takes to answer or refunds or demo versions.

As it states on the page, the reviews are for what you LIKE about the product. NOT about what you do not like about the product or the developer or their support.

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Thanks zeebe.
But I am talking about rate tech support, not The product. And present data of all developers together in order to know which one offers a better support and resources.
And it is not neceserally about what we like or dislike the most. For example, how many days an email answer takes, is just a number. Or which are the developers that offers demo version to test software. Or who offers refunds.
As a customer I would find interesting to know others customer experience with developer support before I purchase. Those are fact not likes or dislikes.
As I said, customers support is as important as the software itself, hence I find useful rate it.

Developer Rating would require a user survey, but many of the answers would tend to be subjective. I’ve been annoyed a couple of times by a developer’s response to specific support questions, but that does not mean that the support of said developer is generally bad. Such a case, however, would lead some to ‘downvote’ that developer.

At the same time, a survey can only rate one developer at a time, so anyone wishing to rate multiple developers would need to participate multiple times.

I agree that a support survey would be a good idea if the the criteria is restricted to objective values.
I would be willing to put a survey online and publish/update the results at if there is sufficient interest.
Let me know what you guys think. If there is enough positive response, I’ll invest the time

I think it is important to set your expectation about support. If you are talking about a premium $50 or $100 product (or even more) then yes, there should be a good level of support provided by more than one person and also in different time zones. However, for a $5 to $20 stack then the support expectation should be lower. Most developers create RW stuff in their spare time and as more of a hobby than a business so things like sleep, illness, life, holidays, can get in the way of responding to support requests sometimes.

We have all seen many complaints on here about Developer X not responding only to find that there was an email or junk folder issue and the end result is that Developer X gets publicly “down rated”.

The other side of the coin is that many users refuse to invest enough time to read instructions or watch videos and then complain when they can’t get something to work.

So I think a better way to gauge developers support, is to set your expectation, engage with that developer before any purchase and ask questions here or over at Weaver Space (where several developers have their own space).


I know what you were asking about. @swilliam had pointed you to the Addons area, I was pointing out that that area is not made to do what you are asking.

About rebates, there is only one developer that I know of that specifically says no refunds on their site. As far as the other developers, getting a rebate will depend on a LOT of stuff, like length you have owned the software, have you just asked for a refund without asking for help first, maybe the developer would rather give you a discount code than a refund.

What you are asking about can be all depending on the developer and on the situation at hand.

One thing I want to stress about contacting a developer. If you have emailed and it has been days (most developers ask 24-48 hours to get back to you) since you have heard from them, it does not mean they are ignoring you. Many things can happen. If you use a contact form of theirs, you might have typed in your email address wrong. They could have replied and you did not get it. The email address could be right, but the developers response got put in your junk or spam folder.

First thing I would do is try emailing the developer again. If they still do not answer, then see if they have any social media contacts. Facebook page, Twitter account, stuff like that. Try to contact them there. If THAT still results in nothing. Come here on the forums, ask if anyone has heard from the developer. Most of the developers (or their workers like me) come on the forums. WHEN you do come on the forums, do not come on hear and start complaining. There maybe a good reason you have not gotten a response. Be polite about it, ask if people know what might be going on and see who responds. The LAST thing you can do is contact Realmac and see if they know what is going on.


Thanks zeebe.
Good advices about how customers should treat developers.
Rate could be positive and negative.

I am small potatoes in what I do with RW. But I cannot fault any of the developers whose stacks and software I’ve purchased. For the small price I really don’t expect great support. But what I’ve received has been 5 star service.