Too many RapidWeaver product developers are unresponsive

I’ve recently started a new project after some time away from RapidWeaver and am very disappointed in the lack of responsiveness from developers.
Two developers responded about a potential purchase, but after I paid, simply ignored my subsequent email asking a technical question - the answer to which was not found in their documentation.

It would have taken one minute of their time. Instead I had to create a sub-par workaround to my problem.

Even if a business is not interested in offering a shred of support, it seems like common courtesy to at least respond.

Two other developers were also unresponsive so I didn’t purchase anything from them.

I don’t know how ignoring clients could be a good business decision but it’s very disappointing.

I’m just glad this community exists as a resource - I’ve learned a lot from the members who take the time to help.

Sorry for the rant.


You found developers that have documentation, a rarity in itself. Lack of responsiveness and complete written documentation hurts the potential growth of the product.


Well, personally, I never do business with unresponsive and/or unreliable developers, no matter what great deals they are offering.

It just takes some time to get to know them. After that – it’s mostly smooth sailing. You were unfortunate to bump into bad developers. But I assure you that there are also great developers worth creating long-term business relations with…

Yo might also consider possibility of them not receiving your emails for whatever reason.


@MitchC On a practical note … ask your questions about the products here. Someone will almost surely answer you.

As for the 2 developers that never responded at all … it’s hard to know without specifics. Some developers may not have responded because they no longer are active. Or there could be other reasons. If you are more specific about who they are we can also help you re: if they are inactive, their general responsiveness, etc.

@MitchC I see this is the first time you have posted here? I wonder why you haven’t asked for help on the forum before making such a sweeping statement about developers?


Asking questions on this forum still wouldn’t negate my statement about numerous developers being unresponsive.

Two of my questions had to do with billing and an upcoming sale, so not even appropriate for here.

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Hmmm… Now, its “numerous”

Think it was always “numerous”, unless you think four isn’t considered “numerous”.



He should name these “numerous” developers that have documentation, so the rest of the community can be protected

I think your sarcasm got in the way of the point you’re trying to make. I honestly don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Name the developers, pretty simple.

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I considered that initially but then decided against it. I’m not happy with the lack of response but I also don’t want to smear anyone’s name on a public forum.

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@MitchC I understand your hesitancy. But the problem is when you are NOT specific then you unintentionally smear everyone: the whole developer community. That’s a worse option.

We can really help you out here if you are more straight forward. Collectively we know all the developers. If you name someone who we all know to be very good and responsive then we’ll tell you. Clearly something may have fallen between the cracks: an email gone to spam, something else. On the other hand if you had a problem with someone we’ve mostly have had troubles with, or who no longer is active, we’ll let you know also.

… more impotantly it seems you had some specific questions about how to use some stacks. Relying just on the developer may not be the best approach. Several folks can help you out with practical issues as well. But we can’t do anything if you only make vague statements.


Hi Mathew,

I’m not going to list them, but I appreciate what you’re saying and I certainly didn’t intend to smear everyone. Maybe I just had a week of bad luck with the four particular developers I tried to contact and perhaps this is an anomaly in the world of RapidWeaver.
At this point I’ve solved my technical issues but will definitely come here in the future if anything else arises.

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