Stacks developers seem slow at support

(Andy Pink) #1

Sorry to bring this up but it often takes two emails to get a response for support with devs…

(Jason Bostick) #2

I’m sure there’s lots of reasons.

  • Some aren’t full time stack devs or are one-person operations so may be only able to dedicate small chunks of their day to support
  • these are often inexpensive stacks, so support may not be first priority
  • you (or I) are not their only customers
  • this is a global community so a couple of days response standard allows for time differences, weekends, etc
  • most of us can have relatively complex projects (multiple developers on one page) with varying hosting and OS setups. I think we can often misdiagnose problems. I doubt this is intentional but not having instantaneous support might force the customer so troubleshoot on their own (or make use of forums, support docs, etc).

(Jason Bostick) #3

Obviously, not receiving any response (without a second email follow-up) isn’t very satisfying. I’ve found most devs to be pretty good with their responses, personally, but your mileage may vary I suppose.

(Andy Pink) #4

I’ve toned down my post…I was a bit frustrated!

(Greg Schneck) #5

There are some excellent stacks developers with some have excellent support. If you are “new” to stacks and to which developers are highly regarded around the forum here just take the time to read through the posts in the stacks forums. Some of the stacks developers provide first class personal service while providing many free stacks and free trials for the paid stacks. It’s obvious that they love what they do and they enjoy helping people. Those are the ones I go to first when I need a stack…

(Andy Pink) #6

OK will do…

(Isaiah Carew) #7

Hey Andy,

If you ever can’t get ahold of a support person even after a few days, send me an email. I probably won’t be able to help with the technical details of the stack, but sometimes I can help with general issues and can always ask around to find out why someone’s not responding.


(NeilUK) #8

I understand your frustration, but most devs I deal with have excellent response times.

The key is to find out which devs have consistent, fast response times. And steer clear of the ones that don’t.

Fast response times to customer support requests work like magic for building up a loyal customer base.

(Dave) #9

I agree with the comments above about most devs having fairly fast turn-around times. I’ve been developing Rw sites for many years, and I’d venture to say that most of the devs who are still around have invested a lot of time, talent and money into their small businesses - and hope to continue with it for years to come. That said, many (most?) are one (or at most two) people operations who have lives to live too.

My other suggestion - and I have no idea if this would/could have worked in your particular case - is to take advantage of this forum. If your question/issue was general in nature, it’s very, very possible that a fellow Rw user (not a developer) would have been able to help. Post your question (along with a URL) here and see what happens. My mileage in this regard has always been excellent.

(Andy Pink) #10

Hey thanks for that Isaiah…appreciated

(Andy Pink) #11

Dave yes the forum does seem to be a good way to get quicker help. On which point I am having a problem with JW’s HTLM5 Audio Stack! I have made a post…

(system) #12

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