Using Adsense and Rapidweaver plugin Stacks

Thank you for your help in advance! I was wondering about how one designates where the AdSense add appears on say a rapidweaver stacks page.

As far as I know when using a ‘stacks’ page the web builder chooses a specific stack like ‘text’ ‘image’ ‘html’ et al and places it where they want on the page. Adding the Adsense script tag to the javascript window in the ‘inspector’ window does not define where the adsense ad will appear.

So, how can I define where the ad appears using a Stacks page on RapidWeaver. Can one put a javascript tag in the ‘html’ holder in the stacks program? Wondering?

I believe with Adsense you would place the code from Adsense into an html stack and place the stack on the page where you want the ad’s to appear.

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@teefers is spot on.

I recently posted this in another thread but figured it was worth reiterating here.

I have on some sites but removed it because I didn’t like it in my UXD.

If you do implement it I would recommend putting a responsive ad into a modal stack like the Foundation Reveal stack. Then you can have it open whenever you want it to and it can be dismissed. This way you save screen real-estate for content design.

You can also track the number of times an ad is shown, clicked, and/or dismissed.

If I recall correctly the larger the ad the more revenue you get per click. You can maximize this by using a full screen modal on mobile.