Is Google Adsense compatible with Rapidweaver?

I dropped the Adsense code into my page but nothing comes up on my page (although there is a blank space where the ad should be). Is Adsense compatible, or do I need to use a different theme/plugin? I know very little about this stuff, so thank you for your understanding.

Not experienced with adsense but depending how you dropped it in, try selecting the code, go to Format > Ignore Formatting (should go pink). Otherwise it may be being read as text not code

Unfortunately it still isn’t showing up, just a blank spot. It doesn’t even have the outline of a box, just blank space.

I have seen many RapidWeaver sites with Google Ads on them, not sure if that can happen with or without Google Adsense, just thought I would mention it.

How are you adding the code? Into a styled text page? Into a stacks page? Have you highlighted the HTML and gone to Format and down to Ignore Formatting??

I added it to the top of a Stylized Text Page. I tried the ignore formatting and still nothing.

Is there a specific stacks page that might work?

You could try an HTML stack. Also, you could post the code, maybe someone will see what is wrong with it and help that way too.

I will look for an HTML stack. In the meantime here is the code I copy and pasted from what Google gave me

How long have you had the code on your site?

There are a variety of variables that determin how long it takes for google to actually start placing ads on your site.

I have had success implementing Google Adsense on many sites.

Also, there is a feature in Google Adsense to set what is shown if there is no ad being pushed to the site.

You may also want to make sure the quote marks are “straight” and not “curly”. I have been tripped up by this on a number of pages. HTML and PHP use the “straight” quotation marks…

It’s been up there for about 2 weeks and still nothing. But I will dig deeper into the Adsense site to see if I can find what is being shown.

I appreciate all the responses and help with this. Dealing with web designing backend stuff makes me feel like a 3rd grader in a Physics class

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One more question Shadow. On your site, do you have to put the ad code on every single page you create? Or are you able to have it automatically show up on every page?

I found that Amazon widgets wouldn’t work in RW. @willwood suggested adding the whole path to the URL. I see that you have an incomplete one. Try adding http: before //pageread2 (etc.). If you are using https use that instead.

Do you have a url to the site?

Seeing the site will help in determining the best next steps from where you are at.

There are some nuances to working with Google.

How ads are placed on a site all depends on the design and goals of the site.

For instance, some sites may have a single responsive ad while others may have specific dimensions.

Also, since you can set a variety of parameters for each ad you create you can really have a lot of variability.

Different ads for different designs.

However, there are often several designs that are uniform across my sites. For this reason I use Partials in Stacks 3.

My site is

I’m going to be doing a complete redesign of it, but the theme will remain the same. Ideally I would like to have the ad show up at the top of every page.

My site? The page with the Amazon widgets is

After looking at your site I’m pretty sure I see the main factor that is playing a role in your ads not showing up.

It appears that your site has very little content that can be indexed by Google.

Remember the number one rule when it comes to SEO; “Content is king”.

Most of your site appears to be composed of images and PDFs.

In order for Google to determine what ads are relevant to your site/page it needs to have a decent amount of text content to provide context.

From there it is helpful to do all of your “Icing on the cake” SEO tasks like; structured data, meta tags, social links, ect."

Rebuilding the site using Foundation and adding more text content to the site should help a lot.

If you want to expedite Google indexing your site you can manually request an indexing using Google Webmaster tools.

Awesome, thank you for the info. I’m doing a rebuild for a relaunch, so I will give it another go in a week or two once I get the new site setup. I also downloaded Foundation and will give that a go as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this. Once I get the new site set up and active I’ll post a note on here.

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