Using Mad Mimi or Mailchimp forms in RW

Any one had experience of either Mail Chimp or Mad Mimi forms within RW? We have a Mad Mimi form that is not viewing properly on I-phones/Androids. Mad Mimi response is that their forms are not designed to be responsive! Will switching to Mail Chimp be better, or are there other alternatives? We need to be able to harvest the names/addresses and supply downloads, but are not savvy enough to run our own DB, hence using Mad Mimi.

Test page may be viewed here:

I used mail chimp in the past with had no problem with form use in foundation, recently switched to robly which also works.

Have a look at my Post Office Stack…


What is this, 2014?

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I use Mailchimp with different RW Themes for clients’ sites. It works well. It is responsive and you can preview how the email looks on desktop and mobile before sending. I find it easy to use.

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Hi Joe
We’ve got your Post Office stack, but had issues with Mad Mimi not showing up the harvested names or allowing us to add the names to a list, hence using the Mad Mimi forms.

Have used both and although I like the guys at MM would def go for Mailchimp. As you say MM not responsive. Although arguably more fiddly, Chimp offers wider range and greater customisation of templates and very good campaign featiures. Never had issues with Joe’s Postbox stack sign up for Chimp either. You can get a free basic account but you won’t get any support with it unless you pay pay which is fair enough.

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Thanks for the reply and your insight.
When you say Mailchimp is more fiddly is it managable with limited knowledge of html and css? Don’t want to get bogged down with loads of complicated custom code, it’s not my bag.


No need for code at all - you can build your own if you know what you’re doing but the existing templates have lots of options. I just found some of the drag and drop stuff unintuitive. Once you get it however it’s not a problem.

Thanks for that, have got a free account at Mailchimp and see how I get on. Although now the sign up page from MM is displaying miles better on I-phone, maybe they’ve made some changes??!!
Thanks again for input.