Using Sitelok for an Offsite Page

I’m using Rapidweaver 8 and have a menu button to go to an offsite page (PHP Melody) for training videos. The folder, PHPMelody, is located on the same directory as my website files. I was wondering how I can implemet a password for members only for my offsite PHPMelody page.

Note: I haven’t purchased Sitelok or the Sitelok stack yet since I want to find out if this is possible for an Offsite page link in Rapidweaver.


You can use an Offsite page to link to any URL that you want. So you could use it to connect to another webpage on your site that is done outside of your RapidWeaver project.

Thanks for responding to my question!

I do have it linked to the url of PHPMelody for the video page (By way, the ‘Open in a new window’ doesn’t work with Rapidweaver 8 as it did with 7 but that’s another question for a future question….). I was just wondering how I could implement Sitelok so that people would have to put in a user name and password before seeing the video page (for UOCA members only). My web page is and the menu tab is training videos if you want to take a look.



You would have to integrate Sitelok into the PHPMelody page. My Sitelok stacks would not help as they only work on Stacks pages. Sitelok has a bunch of snippets that you would have to put into the PHP Melody code for it to work.

Ok, that answers my question. Thanks again for your help!

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