Variable support by plug in/stacks creators - the Armadillo experience

I just want to share my experience with support. I bought plug ins from a company (not Nimblehost) which essentially gave me the brush off when I had problems and said it wasn’t compatible with other stacks I was using.

Meanwhile I have been installing Armadillo which allows me to update my website from anywhere. The bloke there, Jonathan, could not have been more helpful. He replied within a few hours and even over the weekend. There were various problems within my site and after 13 emails he solved it. He was never snippy or impatient or treated me like some kind of techy idiot. Thanks Jonathan.

I wonder what experience other users have had?


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Way back when I was first getting started with RW and Armadillo I had a similar experience. Jonathan logged into my hosting account, fixed the problem then explained to me, in detail, what had happened. The kicker? This was at 07:00 in the morning, on a Sunday, in the UK.

One tends not to forget that kind of experience.

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Yes, Nimblehost has fantastic support. I think we’re rather spoilt in the RW community because mostof the developers give very good support.

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Same experience here. NimbleHost is wonderful to deal with. I can also say that about Will Woodgate, InStacks, TsoojMedia – those are specific developers that I had a great experience with, but, as Peter says, there’s a lot more of them around.

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Agree about Karn and Jonathan at Nimblest. I too am very happy with Armadillo.

Totally agree with your comments. Jonathan and Karn have my respects for their quick, friendly and efficient support.
In previous post I expressed similar concepts regarding Will Woodgate

But, as Peter said, most of the developers give very good support.


Like many of other developers, Jonathan offers a great support… Thanks…

Yup Will Woodgate is another of those really helpful guys. I love his Flood theme. Matt

Nimblehost’s support is amazing!