Armadillo Support..non

I’ve just purchased Armadillo from Nimble Host.
I’ve been trying to get support for days now as it won’t install but I’ve had no response. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Jonathan Head?


I’m sure you went to the nimble host website support:
You can also tag him here: @nimblehost
There are many users here that use Armadillo so you may want to give more info on what problem you are having.

Andy: Yes, it would be helpful to know the precise problem. We Armadillo-users may be able to help. I created a long video about using Armadillo about 8 months ago (42m). Unfortunately I created it quickly and it’s not always the best quality. But as a general overview and going through initial installation steps it still might be useful. Here’s the link:

For more specific issues (aside from basic setup) we may be able to help better/quicker if you give more info.


Thanks both! I will view the video asap. Basically I have a blue folder for the stack as opposed to a yellow brick. I’ve manually dragged it to where I think it should be and it appears to be working but its not a great feeling doing it this way. I’ve spoken to Yourhead support but they say it’s really up to Armadillo to sort out…apart from recommending a few things I have done, hence my need for support. Thanks. Andy

The folder problem happens occasionally. This page might help you:

I bought Armadillo a few weeks ago and had an issue. Sent an email and he responded in less than 2 days.

Thanks Jeremy. I did contact Yourhead as Adam suggests, but they say I need to contact Jonathan. But I’m glad you spoke to him recently, that’s reassuring. Hey maybe he’s gone on holiday! Are software developers allowed holidays?

Of course never! :slight_smile:

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Did that link help at all Andy?
I remember the folder problem happening to me years ago.

Hey Jeremey
No not really…Im not on RW 7. But thanks.

@Andy1 Apologies for the delay - as mentioned in my reply to your support request, the issue with a stack appearing as folders (rather than a nice stack icon) is addressed on the Yourhead support site here:

As for determining if Armadillo itself is working correctly, that certainly is our responsibility, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. :slight_smile: