Nimblehost still in business

Hi, I am back to RapidWeaver after a 3 years break and now with RapidWeaver 8 updating all my stuff to the latest version before starting new projects. During that process I found that is down and the automatic updates for stacks and theme updates are no longer working. I am in contact with Will regarding some seydesign stuff already, as I learned from the forum, that he took over some of Nimblehosts and seydesigns assets.

@nimblehost Jonathan are you still around or is Nimblehost gone forever?

Thanks for asking, still around, still working on and supporting Armadillo and Waterfall - the site will be up and running shortly, sorry for the delay!!

EDIT: Site’s up and running again, sorry for the scare and thanks for the concern!


Hi Jonathan, really good to hear that!
As an owner of Armadillo 1.x I was really interested in v2.x and just bought the update after the good news.
I wish you and you family a merry Christmas and good business in the years to come!
Regards Kai-Uwe


Likewise, and many thanks~ :blush:

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